Core Competences

Bioprospecting - plant collection and drug screening

  Bulk botanical sourcing
  Agriculture, seedling and farm development

Natural products extraction


Bioprocessing - protein purification and product development


Export market development - sales and distribution 





Strategic Alliances

BRI maintains a network of strategic collaborations with reputable companies, research institutes, government agencies and environmental groups.  Amersham Biosciences AB (Uppsala, Sweden), a leader in protein purification, serves as a technical consultant in process scale-up and support for manufacturing of Miraculin.  Currently, BRI has collaborations with Universities in Ghana and Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Institute; Worthington Biochemical Corporation, a major biochemical processing company in New Jersey, USA; Rutgers University; Missouri Botanical Gardens, National Cancer Institute; as well as a number of health food and flavor companies, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical companies.  The Ghana Export Promotion Council and the Ministry of Agriculture provide technical support and agricultural extension services to a number of BRI's projects.